I lurve craft 🙂 Since I was a wee lass, I’ve loved making things.

I have fond memories of sewing skirts and dresses on my bedroom floor so I had something to wear to parties, work and uni.

My first knitting project was an ambitious cardigan when I was about 11, in lovely thick black and white yarn, whose pieces sans-sleeves that had travelled across Australia, were later unravelled and were reincarnated in year 10 (when I scoffed at the then-lame pattern) into a scarf about a mile long. I still wear it. So cozy in Melbourne winters and cold forays to surf and snow.

Currently, I have about 5 projects in various stages of progress in several locations around the house 🙂

I’ve made tons of things over the years, but like many crafters, have never really kept a catalogue of my creations. Here is where I’d love to start my record, and talk about some things I’d love to make … if I ever have time!

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    • Thanks Mel! We are well overdue for a stitch and bitch. Hmmm, might have to rope Mr BA in to take bub for a walk … 🙂 thanks for dropping in!

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