Being Present with Baby


Amongst all my ambition, my drive to be super-crafty, super-organised, super-fit Beck, I try to remember that no matter how many little bits and pieces I get done, spending time with my darling daughter is the best thing I can ever do with my time.

Being Present with Adorable Baby

In ten, twenty, thirty years, I’m sure that I won’t be looking back thinking wistfully on how awesome my new method of folding sheets and doona covers looks in my linen cupboard, or how clever my idea for storing tupperware lids is. I’ll be thinking of sitting on the floor in my bedroom, watching cars and pushbikes and people walking past with my little girl.

As she watches things go past, I tell her about them, colours, sizes, makes and models (ha! Spot the wife of a motoring journalist!). What people are wearing, what they might be doing, where they might be going. I try to point out clouds, birds and trees in the distance, but I’m not so certain she can make sense of far away things just yet.

Being mindful is something I aspire to with many things in my life, hard as it is to not let my mind rush ahead… What’s for dinner/better get the nappies in the wash/where is my Hashi’s at/want to do another blog post/must call so-and-so/I should go for a walk/when is bub next due for a sleep/have to pay that bill… On and on it goes. Mindfulness helps me to breathe, to recognise that in this moment I am doing exactly what needs to be done, and to enjoy it.

Besides, its pretty easy to want to hang out with such a clever, gorgeous little creature. Don’t you think? šŸ™‚

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