South Melbourne Love


Since moving in to South Melbourne, I am loving the little hidden bits and pieces I’m finding on my wanders around the place.

I grew to love my local cafe when I was pregnant with my baby girl. It’s just across the road, and wasn’t too far to be pushed in my wheelchair. Eventually, I was able to wheel myself there! Oh the freedom! Now that my pelvic instability has mostly cleared up, I’m able to get out and about much more, with bub in her carrier or pram.

South Melbourne Street Art

This is an image that I’ve found stenciled on the edge of an alleyway right near this little purveyor of chai and coffee goodness. I love how it gives you pause to think, and that depending on my mood elicits a wry smile or makes me stand a little taller, like Sarah Connor.

Mostly, I love how an errant truck has carved into the stencil. The rusted effect, for me, conjures up thoughts of big, hulking factories, buckling under their own weight, making rank upon rank of crude automatons.

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