Water Baby


I have been looking forward to taking my gorgeous six month old daughter swimming, but have had to hurdle some self-created obstacles to get there. The right temperature? I don’t have any swimming nappies! Do I put her head under? I need a second person to help get her in an out of the water!


So, on the weekend, hubby and I seized what could be the last warm Melbourne day before the cold of winter descends, and took a tentative dip, as opposed to any kind of plunge.

Baby's first swim

It was great! She had a great time, smiling and kicking, even though she was shivering a little in this strange new environment. Once her dad jumped in she even became shy! But she certainly enjoyed it.

I’m thrilled! Maybe she’ll make it to the Olympics to swim for Australia one day? A bit too early for London 2012 methinks…

How did you go with your baby’s first swim? Did you take them for a dip newborn? Pop baby’s head under? I’d love to hear your thoughts on when to go under water, and when to start swimming lessons.

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  1. I don’t think I had Ben in the water until he was about the same age as Allira and he LOVED it! I all about finding new ways to shock and terrify my little one so i was all about putting his head under the water and getting him to ‘swim’.
    As it turned out water confidence was never to be a problem and now we get wet whenever we can.

    the hot shower post-swim is all important!

    • Hahaha 🙂 Ben will have no shortage of adventures and fun times with you as his mama! Next time we’ll go under for sure. I’m glad he’s into the water; I’m guessing that the maiden age of dunking has little or no bearing on aqua love. And yes, the hot shower after was almost as fun!

  2. Hey Beck,

    Cool blog!
    Marcelo and I took Sophie to the pool about a month ago, she was hesitant at first but loved it by the end. We didn’t put her head under though. We want to do swimming lessons but the times at MASAC are in the middle of nap time.

    • Hey Lorin!
      Wow cool! It’s so great when our bubbas can share in such fun activities with us. Glad Sophie enjoyed her first swim!
      Thanks for commenting 🙂
      Beck x

  3. Hey Bexta – of my two nephews, one was introduced to swimming weekly from age 6 mnths and the other was not. The former was a strong swimmer from a young age and we never had to worry. With the other I was always concerned when he went to play with other kids families (whether they would provide appropriate water supervision etc….. ). It will benefit both you and baby to get her swimming and confident as early as possible…. especially with that most excellent pool you guys have! xx

    • Hey Shell! Wow, that’s interesting… Water confidence is definitely something bub will need to have when she’s winning surfing world tours, or swimming in the Monaco marina with her F1 trophy, a-la Mark Webber 😀 (No pressure!!) I think we just might go down for a swim this arvo. Thanks for commenting!

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