Monthly Archives: January 2012

So the next thing I’m going to do is … Start A Blog


You know, I’ve wanted to start a blog for ages. I didn’t really know it, but its true.

I’ve always loved writing. Letters, postcards, essays (I know! I’m serious!), articles … then when I found myself writing guidelines and policy and position papers, I wondered where I’d ended up.

Anyway thats a story for another time. Or another page – eventually I’ll write something to put in the About section! I will!

Today’s post is all about starting. I’ve found a few spare minutes while hubby holds bubba, and I’ve even managed to get a cup of chai at the same time as a piece of cake – whoa, it’s not just time for a blog, its time to call Ripley’s –  so what better time?

I’m not going to worry too much any more (well, I’m sure I will, but later) about what template, is my fancy pants DNS pointing to my blog yet, should I wait until I have some *actual* content before allowing other humans to read this thing … The only way is up. Right, Yazz? Bad 90’s pop aside, look! I’ve done it!